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May 27, 2021

Stress Management and Self-Care (+ Ear Seed and Acupressure Demo)  | WEBINAR

In this webinar with Licensed Acupuncturist Dr. Seanna Tully, DACM, you'll learn what stress really is, how it manifests in our bodies, and ways to reduce/alleviate stress and stress symptoms. The presentation includes an introduction to Acupressure for stress relief, with a…
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Functional Medicine & Clinical NutritionOur Blog
May 13, 2021

Chef Demo: Healthy Cooking at Home | WEBINAR

In this webinar with Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Chef Savannah Cass, you’ll learn tips and tricks for healthy cooking at home. Chef Cass  demonstrates knife skills… meal prep tips…. and more while making a tasty gluten-free, dairy-free vegan wrap. We…
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Chiropractic Physical MedicineOur BlogVideos
May 12, 2021

Andersonville News: Now Open 7 Days a Week | Meet Dr. Emily Scholl, DC

Andersonville: Now Open 7 Days a Week!   With our expanded hours, we are thrilled to welcome our newest Chiropractic team member, Dr. Emily Scholl, DC. Meet our newest team member Dr. Emily Scholl, DC   Dr. Scholl, DC, was…
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Chiropractic Physical MedicineOur Blog
April 28, 2021

Movement is Medicine | WEBINAR

Between working from home and all of the general "unprecedented times" of the last year, we have (understandably!) spent a lot of extra time on the couch, armchair, and bed lately! In this webinar with Chiropractic Physician Dr. Miguel Bunker-Huertas,…
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