Mastering the Final Stretch of Marathon Prep

As the marathon countdown reaches its final weeks, runners are in the thick of their training, fine-tuning their strategies, and preparing both physically and mentally for the big day.

While a solid training plan is vital, there are extra tools and support that runners can benefit from to enhance their marathon experience. In this article, we will explore the additional resources provided by Aligned Modern Health experts that can give runners an extra edge in their preparation for the marathon.

From sports nutrition advice to injury prevention tips, these valuable tools and support can help runners optimize their performance and ensure they cross the finish line with confidence.

Recover Like a Pro

At this point, you’ve put in a lot of miles. It’s time to prioritize adequate rest and recovery so that you can feel as fresh as possible.

At Aligned Modern Health, we offer a range of recovery options including sports-based massage, acupuncture & cupping, and IV therapy.

Giving your body the proper time and tools to repair and rejuvenate will also refresh your mental state! This is also a good time to make plans for post-marathon recovery – appointments will fill up quickly!

Sleep Soundly

Remember, it is not the time to make up for any mileage or workout missed. You can often do harm than do any good by adding on workouts beyond what is in the training schedule.

One way you can still prepare is by improving your sleep! In this webinar, our team offers support to improve the quality of your sleep as you prepare for your big day!

Nutrition Matters

Nutrition is a key part to your marathon success and experience. It can be a complete mess and can cause some stress & anxiety if you’re not prepared. Pay attention to your nutrition in these last weeks leading up to the marathon. Check out our webinar on Fine Tuning Your Race Nutrition.

Dealing with Stress?

We’re only weeks away from your big day! We know that things can be stressful. Not feeling prepared? Worried that things might not go well? Family and friends are trying to get your attention to plan how they can see you.

Acupuncture treatment is great to calm your anxiety, and help you focus for your big day! Schedule in for an appointment or schedule a free consultation to see how we can help!

Injury Recovery Services

Feeling a little more than sore? Are you experiencing something you hadn’t felt before and worried that it might affect your race day? It’s not too late to come in to get looked at and treated.

We want you to keep running, but we also want you to be safe. Aligned Modern Health has a team of chiropractors, athletic trainers, rehab specialists, and clinical massage therapists that treat the entire body and help you get ready for race day.

Schedule a free injury screening and we’ll help you get to the start line.

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