In theory, screen time has been a welcomed comfort for many during quarantine. It’s a source of data, entertainment, means of connecting to friends, and a helpful work tool.

These benefits are hard to deny and currently may feel essential to your daily life.

In reality, our hefty doses of screen time have been mirrored by a jump of complaints in neck and shoulder pain known as “tech neck.”

“Tech neck” happens when you are working on a computer, tablet, or phone and overuse the muscles at the back of the neck that hold your head up by contracting.

Spending extended periods of time on your phone or computer – especially in a work from home environment – may result in headaches, neck stiffness, neck spasms, and pain between your shoulder blades. Some may experience limited mobility and difficulty looking upwards. In severe cases, numbness and tingling in your arms may indicate a pinched nerve in the neck. As more pressure is placed on the discs of the spine, there is also increased risk for bulging or rupture.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, our physical medicine team can help you alleviate pain and restrengthen the affected area.

Pro Tip: for preventative purposes, if you are sitting for long periods of time, it‘a important to get up and move every 15-30 minutes, if you are sitting for long periods of time. Regular exercise is also key in ensuring your muscles get a healthy amount of oxygenated blood flow.

Your health doesn’t have to wait. If pain is preventing you from staying active, we are ready to help you today.

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