When a headache or migraine strikes, finding relief is a top priority. At Aligned Modern Health, we help those suffering from the pain of headaches get to the root cause.

Doctors across the nation are reporting an increase in patients struggling with headaches. Disruptions to routine, changes in lifestyle, and growing stress may all be additional sources of exacerbation for those who are already prone.

Acupuncture is a drug free treatment option that provides relief from pain and may reduce the frequency of headaches and migraines. Studies have shown that acupuncture is a safe alternative for prevention of migraines and an effective treatment for those who don’t respond well to prescribed medications.

Acupuncture can stand alone as a treatment plan or may be complemented by additional medical therapies. At Aligned Modern Health, we offer a full scope of non-invasive treatment for common health concerns like headaches and migraines. Our approach seeks out the root cause of your symptoms and may combine recommendations from our team of integrative medical experts to help you heal faster and most effectively.

For example, those seeking treatment for headaches may benefit from acupuncture, nutritional support, and physical medicine therapies, like chiropractic care and massage.

Consulting with a provider is the first step in unlocking what treatment options work best for your health goals.

All care plans are tailored to your unique needs, and for many patients, services are covered by insurance – making integrative medicine an accessible, achievable extension of your life-long health goals.

If you are prone to headaches or migraines, you may have experienced an uptick of symptoms during quarantine.

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