Exploring Effective Pain Relief with Integrative Medicine

“How badly does it hurt?” This simple question can be tough to answer, thanks to common misconceptions about pain management:

  • Pain is an inevitable part of aging.
  • Pain is all in your head.
  • Only surgical or habit-forming treatments work.
  • Minor pain should be ignored.
  • Complaining about pain is a sign of weakness.
  • You can develop a tolerance to chronic pain.
  • Pain is only a concern if it worsens.

With over half of Americans experiencing acute pain within three months and 1 in 5 suffering from chronic pain for longer, it’s time to debunk these myths!

In this webinar, Dr. Shane Bruni, DC, and Dr. Jonathan Kalin, L.Ac, DACM, share how integrative solutions can help you understand and manage pain effectively.

Learn how these models:

  • Uncover the root cause of pain
  • Optimize natural pain relief mechanisms
  • Facilitate recovery and repair
  • Prevent further pain or injury
  • Combine with other treatments for optimal results