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Telemedicine for Functional Medicine in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Washington, & Missouri —with more areas of coverage coming soon!

Chicago’s top-rated Functional Medicine practice is now available with Telemedicine in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, and Missouri!


Home is where your healing begins

Embarking on your Functional Medicine journey from home can help you unlock all the details your body needs to heal and thrive—with the opportunity to reach your health goals when and where it is most convenient for you.

Getting to the Root Cause

By examining dietary, lifestyle, genetic, and environmental factors, our Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition team is able to uncover and effectively treat the root cause of your health concerns.

Your path to empowered health is informed by specialized diagnostic testing and an individualized plan that helps you achieve optimal health through focused one-on-one sessions.

Just like a regular clinic visit, your online care is always personalized and “face-to-face” with your doctor.

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What is Functional Medicine Telemedicine?

At-Home Labs—Advanced & Accurate Results

Functional Medicine tests go deeper than typical lab work. This is because we take a whole body, comprehensive approach to uncover what your body is telling you. Rather than focusing on your symptoms as an isolated experience, we use advanced diagnostics to reveal the big—interrelated—picture of your health.

After you complete a thorough health and lifestyle assessment with your Functional Medicine doctor, they will arrange for the proper diagnostic tests that can be delivered and completed from home.


Utilizing Insurance

Your insurance and co-pay can be applied to your visit, just as an in-clinic visit. We offer telemedicine in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, & Missouri and are in-network with many insurance companies that have recently expanded coverage for telemedicine. Our team will be happy to help you verify your coverage and benefits before your initial appointment.

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Conditions We Treat with Functional Medicine

Some of the most common conditions we treat include:










Is Functional Medicine Right for Me?

Everyone can benefit from a Functional Medicine approach—especially if you are interested in disease prevention or treating a chronic illness.

Functional Medicine is patient-centered so that we see you, the individual, as being genetically and biochemically unique. This means there’s never a a one-size-fits all prescription.

Treatment is personalized and informed by the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that are unique to you.


Does this sound familiar?

“I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired”

“I want a treatment plan that is more natural and free of side-effects”

“It’s all in your  head… This is just  your  “new normal.”

 “I want to optimize my healthy lifestyle from the strongest baseline possible”


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Your safety comes first: we are operating with heightened safety measures in our clinics and offer telemedicine for those unable to visit in person.

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