Our Bison Burgers Recipe includes a ton of veggie options and uses the newest meat on healthy street. Bison is lower in fat than beef and lower in cholesterol than chicken.
Vegilicious Bison Burgers
The recipe below is meant as a guide. Add, subtract or alter as your taste buds dictate and enjoy!
• Ground bison (1/2 lb per burger) • Shiitake mushrooms (1/burger)
• Cherry tomatoes (2/burger)
• Red onion (1/4 per 2 burgers)
• Yellow pepper (1/4 per 2 burgers)
• Orange pepper (1/4 per 2 burgers)
• Spinach or kale
• Jalapeño pepper (I use one full pepper for 4 burgers-can play around w the spicy factor) • Kalamata olives (1-2/ burger)
• Garlic (I love garlic & use one clove crushed or chopped per burger)
• Fresh basil, oregano, thyme
• San j brand gluten free tamari soy sauce (it is my fav soy sauce…so delish)
Chop veggies, garlic, spices, etc. (I use a mini cuisinart-big help!) Put everything in bowl, pour soy sauce on top, mix it all together with bison meat. Form burgers, and there you go! I usually pour a little extra soy sauce on them and let them marinade in it for a bit before cooking.
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