Feeling unlike your typical self?

Your pandemic stress response could explain why


Your body comes equipped with an intelligent stress response that helps protect you from threat. Initially, it will shut down the thinking part of your brain to quickly choose fight, flight, freeze, or fawn.

Most of our stress reactions are based on what has helped us survive in the past. Pandemic stressors – for the most part – are new and relatively unrecognized by our survival system.

As a result, many of us are repeatedly cycling through the stress response with different feelings and reactions that may seem atypical for ourselves.

Some of the feelings you might be cycling through include:

???? Fear and Anxiety

???? Sadness or Grief

???? Hopelessness or Depression

???? Denial

???? Shame

???? Apathy or Numbness

???? Anger

???? Calm

???? Exhaustion

???? Gratitude

Breathwork is a simple but powerful tool we can use to ease anxiety and slow down this stressful cycle. When practiced consistently, the brain receives the targeted message that we are safe and this allows us to come out of survival mode more efficiently!

Join us, next Wednesday, for a Breathing for Stress Relief virtual demo!

When stress strikes repeatedly, we risk health concerns like high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and addiction. On Wednesday, acupuncturist Melissa Le Nicol, will teach us how to active the parasympathetic nervous system with our breath to provide calm and better control of the stress response. Register for this free webinar >>

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