For months, our daily stress levels have been at an all-time high. We know that extended periods of stress can adversely impact physical function and affect nearly every organ system. Chronic stress has been linked to heart disease, muscle tension, gastrointestinal issues, memory loss, cognitive disfunction, and allergic reactions. Throughout the pandemic, otherwise healthy people have been reporting a multitude of outwardly unrelated symptoms: headaches, hair loss, upset stomachs, outbreaks of shingles, sleeplessness, flare-ups of autoimmune disorders, and even teeth fractures from jaw grinding.

In this webinar, acupuncturist Melissa Le Nicol, shares techniques that move the brain from stress response into a calm, thinking state. Research shows that consistent practice leads to positive, functional changes that help your body fend off chronic stress.

You can watch the full recording of the webinar below.


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