Given our love for baseball and all things Chicago, how could we not take a minute to talk about Chiropractic Care in the major leagues?

Along with the Cubbies’ historic World Series championship, natural performance enhancement is one of the season’s biggest baseball miracles.

As an avid Pilates enthusiast and clean eater, Cubs’ pitcher Jake Arrieta can attest that natural performance enhancement works, offers minimal side effects, and won’t get you kicked out of the game.

Among natural treatments, baseball players often turn to Chiropractic Care as a tool to boost recovery and also prevent injury in the first place. In fact, most major league teams have a professional Chiropractor on staff to help players fine tune their bodies and heal from biomechanical injuries.

With many benefits for athletes, Chiropractic care helps with improved flexibility and increased range of motion. While offering natural pain relief for join pain, it also helps relieve sore muscles. Beyond these universal benefits, chiropractic care plays an important part in addressing injuries caused from overuse. It is also a popular option for treatment plans as it can help players avoid surgery.

Common injuries that bring players off the field and into Chiropractic care include:

Shoulder Tendinitis
Torn Rotator Cuff
Runner’s Knee
Stress Fracture
Muscle Spasms
Herniated Discs

While providing pain relief, the goal of chiropractic care is to find a solution that prevents future injury and strengthens the body for better performance than before. A consultation with a chiropractic physician offers athletes an opportunity to seek out the cause of their pain before being sidelined by further injury. Our Chicago Chiropractors and Physical Medicine team offer comprehensive support for athletes with free consultations. Contact us to schedule yours at one of our conveniently located clinics.