What’s the best alarm sound for better sleep and improved energy?


Want to wake up to a more pleasant tomorrow? (This is not a trick question!)

Amid daylight time changes, a pandemic, and pending election results, your sleep might be suffering (…just a little).  Adjusting the sound settings of your alarm is a simple change to your sleep hygiene that will have a significant impact on your day!

A loud, obnoxious alarm is what many people think is the best. However, waking up to a jolting noise can be bad for your heart, causing higher-blood pressure and increasing your stress hormones. Studies have also shown that blaring alarms may result in grogginess that impacts your productivity for up to four hours. Scientists say that the best way to start the day is with a melodic alarm that gradually increases in volume.

Some popular choices that come to mind:

Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine

Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

Beatles – Here Comes the Sun

Bill Withers – Lovely Day

Beyonce – Run the World (Girls)

Additional tips for music that will put you in the right morning mood come from a study conducted by Spotify and music psychologist David M. Greenberg.

They say your song should also carry these three elements:

  1. It should build gently and gradually increasing in moment to get you out of bed.
  2. It should be positive. (No sad songs, here.)
  3. It should have a strong beat that compels you to move! (Let’s dance!)

If you’re curious about natural support for better sleep, connect with our team to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture or functional medicine for improved sleep and insomnia.


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