Our 28-Day Fitness Challenge will jumpstart your health goals into 2015! Continue reading to learn how you can transform your motivation into achievable lifestyle habits.
Aligned Modern Health's 28-Day Jump Start Challenge: How It WorksOur doctors and health professionals have put together a 28-Day plan for fitness success that will help you:

  • Get stronger, leaner, and fitter
  • Eliminate inflammatory foods and sugar cravings
  • Increase your immune system and immune function
  • Learn how to implement health strategies that stick

We know it isn’t always lack of motivation that causes people to give up on health resolutions by February. Most people lack a holistic approach and accountability to stick to their goals. So, we’ve made it easy for you by helping you plan each day. All you have to do is follow along and track your points to experience amazing results!
Our Challenge Guideline, available for free at any of our 5 locations in Chicago, covers nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.
1. Nutrition: To begin our challenge, you’ll start by reviewing our gluten-free and dairy-free dietary guidelines.
2. Plan Ahead: We’ve included a complete meal planner with recipe suggestions so you can plan ahead.
Aligned Modern Health's 28-Day Jump Start Challenge: How It Works
3. Fitness: Everyday, we offer a complimentary exercise routine – with videos available online.
28-Day Jumpstart Fitness Challenge: How It Works
4. Lifestyle: You get bonus points for keeping up with positive lifestyle practices – including drinking the right amount of water and getting a good night’s sleep.
Aligned Modern Health's 28-Day Jump Start Challenge: How It Works
Our plan is realistic and easy-to-follow. Throw in some friendly competition with those points by inviting a friend or family member to join you on this life changing journey to long-lasting, improved health You can pick up a guide and join us now! Learn more by visiting us in your neighborhood today. – Here’s to your health!