These exercise variations give classic strengthening exercises a creative twist. Perfect for your routine & for our fans who are on our 28-Day Fitness Challenge – an ultimate & easy-to-follow 28-Day guide on health! Use these variations to compliment our series of daily exercise routines!


Who doesn’t love jumping for joy? There’s good reason for why they make you feel amazing! Jumping Jack’s aerobic benefits include an elevated heart rate and full-body strengthening! Make jumping jacks part of your daily health routine and use this video to modify them to meet your goals.



Valuable for successful aging, Squat Jumps help you develop explosive power, giving you the ability to generate force and move quickly! Use our variations to tailor yours!


This exercise improves upper body strength, targeting the deltoids, trapezius, triceps, serratus anterior and the upper portion of the pecs. Additionally, shoulder presses help improve bone strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


Baby got back strengthening! The benefit of row exercises target several back muscles, including your lower back, middle back and upper back. You’ll also strengthen shoulder and arm muscles. Use this variation to take your Rows to the next level.


Pushups are an all-encompassing exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime! They hit your arms, chest, and also get the fire going in your core. The next time you’d like to mix them up, check out variations to diversity the muscles groups you’re targeting!


Mountain Climbers get your heart rate up with the quick switching of your feet. Plus they require coordination and an acute sense of timing. While getting at your glute and leg muscles, they also improve mobility through the hips and knees. Step up to these variations to modify yours according to your desired fitness level.

Workout Videos: Our Top Exercise VariationsOur professionals have combined the best of nutrition & exercise – to keep you on track with your fitness goals in 2015. .Want to learn more? You can scoop up a Jumpstart Challenge packet at an Aligned Modern Health location near you!