Keep moving forward… and let this year show that we can always make a difference in our communities.

Even if you are stuck at home on this day of service, you can still make a positive impact—virtually.

Virtual Volunteering:

From letter writing to virtual classes, you can find a way to give back by donating your time and skills through virtual volunteering. Start with an online search to find a cause and activity that is meaningful for you!

Care Packages:

Participating in a care package program is a tangible way to pay it forward. Care packages are popular opportunities to support deployed troops, essential workers on the frontlines of COVID-19, and seniors during this particularly challenging time.

My Block My Hood My City, a Chicago South-Side non-profit, provides numerous volunteer opportunities including safety/PPE care packages for seniors.  If you are looking for an organization to support, we encourage you to learn more about their positive impact opportunities!

Random Acts of Kindness:

Acts of kindness always make life’s challenges easier to bear—especially during times of quarantine and isolation. We’ve heard stories of people from all over the world doing small things that make a big difference in someone’s day.

Kindness isn’t just a superpower… it’s a science!

The act of helping others is good for others but equally good for your own health. Preforming an act of kindness can activate your brain’s oxytocin levels (which may be feeling a touch deprived during lockdown)! Oxytocin helps regulate our overall health and is known as the “hug hormone” because it makes us feel good during social situations.

If you’ve been disconnected from friends or family and noticing an impact in your wellbeing, this is partly due to drops of oxytocin. Engaging in acts of kindness may help your brain feel physically better and may also help you feel more connected to others!

If you are “pouring from an empty cup,” it’s important to share kindness towards yourself first and foremost! Our team is versed in the science behind self-care. We offer natural and drug-free treatment options—like acupuncture and functional medicine—that help many of our patients overcome stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional health concerns! Connect below to learn more.


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