3 Supplements to Boost Immune Health Now

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Fall is always a time to think about boosting our immune systems.  

There are natural reasons for this.  

First off, when we move indoors, we tend to be in closer quarters. This allows germs to spread more easily. Second, viruses like the common cold and flu tend to thrive in lower temperatures. 

As we enter a new fall season and continue to arm ourselves against COVID-19, our immune health is top of mind. 

At a glance: 

  • Research shows there may be benefits of using supplements like Vitamin DQuercetin, and Bromelain to strengthen immune health. 
  • Probiotics can also play a key role in boosting your immune system. 
  • Getting essential nutrients from a balanced diet is ideal, but that isn’t always possible. Targeted supplements can counter nutritional deficiencies and help your body get what it needs to thrive. 
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(Before you shop, be sure to check in with your healthcare provider to determine what supplements are right for  you!) 

What Supplements Do Functional Medicine Providers Take to Boost Immune Health 

To keep their immune system functioning optimally, our experts offer a few of their favorite supplements. 

When it comes to the immune system, know your gut 

Probiotics may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about immune health.

But experts want you to remember that gut health and the immune response are strongly connected.

“Approximately 70% percent of our immune system lives in the gut. 

Therefore, it’s key to support our intestinal ecosystem with a diverse intake of prebiotic foods, fermented foods, and a high-quality probiotic. 

I personally, take Ultra Biotic as it is shelf stable, diverse, and designed to deliver the beneficial probiotic species to our large intestine.” – Dr. Blake Butler, DC


The immune boosting essentials

On top of healthy lifestyle habits like staying hydrated, limiting stress, and getting good sleep, medical-grade supplements can give your body an extra immune boost.

“To remain healthy in these times of cold, flu and viral season, I encourage getting healthy doses of Vitamin C, D, A, E, Quercetin, N Acetyl Cysteine, and Zinc.

Our two formulas of ‘Seasonal Support’ and ‘Viramax‘ (which include combinations of these immune boosters) are always in my medicine cabinet. Be sure to ask your doctor if these supplements might be right for you.” – Dr. Kristen Halland, DC


Growing Research 

During the pandemic, there has been ongoing opportunity to study the efficacy of several nutraceutical supplements that have been thought to help the immune system. 

Some of our favorite findings from these recent studies include: 

When consulting with your healthcare provider about your protection this fall, be sure to ask about Seasonal Support and Viramax. 

With widespread attention placed on preventing COVID-19, misinformation runs high.  

At all times, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before taking new supplements.  

Now more than ever, we encourage our patients to be discerning and diligent when approaching their health goals. 

If you are interested in healthcare that is tailored to your body’s exact nutrient needs, our Functional Medicine team can create an actionable plan that considers what key supplements will work best for you and recognizes anything that may have adverse effects on your wellbeing. 

We offer telemedicine and virtual visits for those unable to visit our clinics in person. To get started, connect with  our team by filling out the form below.


About Dr. Blake Butler, DC

Dr. Blake Butler is a Functional Medicine Telemedicine provider at Aligned Modern Health and currently serves patients in Florida, Colorado, and Illinois. Graduating with honors from Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Butler has extensive postgraduate training in functional medicine, blood chemistry interpretation, brain chemistry, thyroid function, and functional endocrinology. He specializes in regulating blood sugar, thyroid dysfunction, GI imbalances, and adrenal dysfunction. Dr. Butler places a strong emphasis on patient education and believes that diet and lifestyle play an important role in achieving optimal health and promoting chronic disease prevention.

About Dr. Kristen Halland, DC

Dr. Kristen Halland is the lead Functional Medicine Physician at Aligned Modern Health’s Elmhurst and Lincoln Park locations. Dr. Halland began practice in 2010 after completing her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College (Iowa) after her Bachelor of Arts degree from Augustana College (Illinois). Over the years, her experience with Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition has helped her navigate her own health challenges related to the immune system and during pregnancy which make it exceptionally rewarding to help patients meet their goals through natural healthcare too!

Dr. Halland frequently treats GI-related conditions (such as food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO or yeast overgrowth, heartburn). She has a special interest in the fertility > pregnancy > postnatal phases of health.