Being pregnant comes with a lot of changes. You’re adapting to your changing body, trying to balance numerous visits to the doctor, getting your home ready for your new addition, and attempting to make it to those weekly yoga sessions that help you find your calm. But how do you yoga on when you have a growing bump and a little one to keep in mind for the next nine months? It’s easy to strike a pose with these simple modifications to some of your favorite moves.

First – it is commonly advised to avoid poses focusing on belly up core or abdominal twists. When coming across these poses in your class, modify them by adding supports through blocks or moving your hands from the ground to rest on your thigh. It is also important to remember your body is producing more relaxin, a hormone that increases the body’s elasticity. While your body is more flexible, it can be easy to injure yourself with over-stretching during yoga.  Now that we have that covered, let’s move to some specifics.


Side Plank

Side planks are a great way to strengthen your obliques and upper body. To modify the side plank during your pregnancy, keep one knee down as a support. This will allow you to still strengthen your arms and wrists, which will come in handy when carrying your newborn, while ensuring your core isn’t being pulled. Side planks also improve balance which is vital during pregnancy.


Bow Pose

As you enter into your second a third trimester, the bow pose is going to be a no go. So how do you modify the pose to still maintain your back strength and flexibility? Try the Camel Pose! The camel pose helps open up your hips, loosens vertebrae, and relieves lower back pain. Listen to your body and ensure you are not over stretching to avoid injuries.


Wide Stance Tadasana

The tadasana is another pose that can easily be modified during pregnancy. Simply separate your feet to fall in line with your hips. You can also add a block for additional support and to ensure you do not over stretch. Continuing with the tadasana during pregnancy can help strengthen your ankles, feet, and knees while increasing mobility. This will help even post pregnancy when your body is still flexible and you are carrying your newborn.


Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is a great pose to help relieve stress, overcome fatigue, stretch your back, and just feel good after any workout or yoga session. This can easily be adapted to a pregnancy friendly pose by using a block to support your head, not extending your entire front to the ground.


Yoga is a wonderful way to understand and improve your flexibility and balance as well as a great outlet to meditate and exercise your breathing. It is important, however, to listen to your body and partner with your doctor to understand what poses work best for you and your baby. For additional services, please click the button below to schedule an appointment!


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