We have all had those years where we make a New Year’s Resolution and come February, it is the last thing on our mind. In fact, research shows that after six months, more than half of resolutions will be broken. Could integrative care be the missing link to help you keep your resolution for the entire year?

Experts say that failed resolutions aren’t inevitable. Resolutions, after all, are just a change in habits and behavior. As simple as that sounds, this is why it can be so hard. Behavior changes take time, persistence, and sometimes extra support.

So how do we keep our resolutions?

The first step is making sure you are feeling your best – both mentally and physically. Trying to set a goal to lose weight or exercise regularly when you have pain or discomfort will lead you to falling off with your resolution quickly. Setting yourself up for success is the best way to succeed.


Here are some of our favorite tips to feel your best BEFORE you set your resolution:

Get On Target

Set one goal and zero in on it. Experts suggest setting specific goals and focusing on one resolution at time. For goals related to health and diet, Functional Medicine is a great resource for creating realistic goals that are appropriate and safe for your body. Working with an expert can help reveal exactly what’s going on with your body. Functional Medicine uses science to tell you what your body needs more or less of. Instead of it being a guessing game, you can create a foolproof plan for nutrition success.

Treat yourself

Massage is the perfect way to lift your mood. Think about it – during times of high stress, do you ever find yourself feeling anxious or depressed? Do you have trouble relaxing and getting the rest you need? Is it hard to focus or get things done? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or just unusually irritable. Whatever effect stress has on your mood, massage therapy is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to let your daily stress simply disappear.


Reduced Stress

Stress is one of the top reasons people seek acupuncture treatment. Whether it be demands from our job or personal pressures we place on ourselves, nearly 77% of us admit that we experience the physical symptoms of stress. While work is a major trigger, acupuncture has been proven to lower stress hormones and moderate mood to reduce anxiety and improve overall feelings of happiness.


Stay out of Pain

Whether you’re an endurance athlete, a new or expectant mom, someone who works long hours at a desk job, or anyone in between, you should never have to spend your days in pain. It’s our mission to prevent further injury or reoccurrence, and help you continue to enjoy everything you love. Chiropractic Care is a safe, non-invasive course of treatment that can be used as a first line of defense against pain.


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