Did you know the position you’re falling asleep in may actually affect the way you feel when you wake up? Poor sleeping habits can often lead to neck and back pain, which can ultimately make you even more tired. One of the most common causes for habits like these is not having the right pillows suited for yourself. Everyone is different, therefore not every pillow will support your body in the way it needs to be supported while you sleep!


Pillow Talk

One of the simplest things to help improve your sleeping habits quickly is to make sure you have the right pillow. On average people use the same pillows for 2-3 years — when you should really be replacing them every three months! Pick a pillow that keeps your spine neutral: not bending back, forward or to the sides. Like we stated earlier, this is different for everyone depending on how broad their shoulders are and what positions they sleep in, etc. Generally, if you are a side sleeper the height of support is higher than if you’re a back sleeper. Usually, some sort of divot in a regular pillow or a simple roll can help you maintain that neutrality. Some of our favorite pillows help conform to your cervical spine and help relieve discomfort from minor muscular and soft tissue cervical injuries, soreness, stiffness and more. The Elasto-Gel Neck Support Roll and the Tri-Core Cervical Pillow are just two that we recommend.

One thing we can’t stress enough is how important trial and error can be! It is key to get items that you know you can return if you don’t like it after a few days. Ideally, your perfect pillow should make you weightless with no trigger points after laying on it for 5 minutes!

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