What is Functional Medicine Telemedicine?

In this video, Functional Medicine provider, Dr. Blake Butler, DC, explains how telemedicine can help you achieve your health goals without delay or interruption—all within the convenience and comfort of your home!

Telemedicine appointments, widely embraced during the COVID-19 pandemic, have become a lifeline for all types of patients and wellness seekers. For many of us, it is the transformative future of healthcare that is here to stay. For our Functional Medicine population, access to online care has been especially helpful in treating chronic illness, seeking out the root cause of underlying health concerns, and maintaining optimal wellbeing.

Aligned Modern Health is now serving Functional Medicine patients through telemedicine in Colorado, Florida, and throughout Illinois.  At a time when health has become our greatest priority, starting your Functional Medicine journey from home can help you unlock all the details your body needs to heal and thrive. Connect with a patient coordinator to learn more!