Athletes undergoing Acupuncture for basketball injuries report increased physical capabilities and improved recovery time.
Thanks to Acupuncture, high-performance basketball players – like Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade- are bouncing back from injuries and shedding light on this age-old medicine as an effective option to treat pain and speed up healing.
Basketball, originally a non-contact game, has evolved into an increasingly physical sport, where contact is expected and accepted. On top of this, strenuous, repetitive movements coupled by high-impact play leads to high rates of game-related injuries. Inflammation, ankle sprains, knee sprains, tendonitis and muscles strains are common reasons players find themselves on the bench – or taking painkilling injections to temporarily mask the problem.
With some of the best doctors in the world at their side, more and more NBA players are turning to Acupuncture to reduce pain and dramatically expedite their healing process. This centuries-old practice involves the poking of tiny needles into specific regions of the skin to treat a number of ailments including sports injuries. Among benefits gained by acupuncture treatment, as the body responds to the needles, the flow of oxygenated blood is increased to the injured area, thus speeding up healing.
Charles Barkley is among players who have reported amazing results – sometimes immediately from acupuncture treatment. As reported by his acupuncturist, after seeking treatment for a sore neck that wouldn’t allow him to turn his head, Barkley, shy of the needles at first, was back in the game the next day and fully convinced.
Other players including Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Vladimir Radmanovic, and Shaquille O’Neal have used acupuncture not only to heal injuries but to improve energy as well. Acupuncture is known for reducing stress (as it relaxes muscles) and also stimulating the body both mentally and physically (as it reduces blockages). Other things that slow us down – such as fatigue, sleeping disorders and allergies – are improved by continued Acupuncture treatment.
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