Too often, runners assume that the aches and pains they experience during training are an unavoidable part of the process – and it’s only after the race is finished that they realize there’s a more serious issue at work.

The same thing goes for all types of athletes. Working out or training should be always be healthy activity, which is why it’s important to include injury prevention within your plans. (And if you do get injured, it’s vital that you treat your injury before jumping back into your regular training.)

So how can you tell if the pain you’re dealing with is normal, or a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored?

How can you correct movement errors that occur while training?

One way to stay on track is to book a free Sports Movement Screening or consultation with our team of Chiropractic & Physical Medicine experts.

Watch the video below of our West Loop Chiropractors, Dr. Jason Rejano, DC and Dr. Nikole Hunter, DC, as they walk through a Sports Movement Screening! 



Rehabilitation Exercise

This simple step can address and detect any imbalances that may cause damage down the road – and help you take action to fix them before they become a major problem.

During a Sports Movement Screening, our doctors will assess your functional stability, strength imbalances, and help provide an overall analysis of your athletic performance.  That way we can prevent some common training injuries.

As someone “in the zone” would know, some of the most common causes and signs of injury can go unnoticed during your training routine. Our doctors are here to help you spot and correct these issues, before they start slowing you down.

Sports rehab work doesn’t have to wait for recovery and it doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Quite the opposite. Both professional and casual athletes are turning to chiropractic care and physical medicine to find their competitive edge.

Beyond aiding with injury prevention, a growing number of athletes and coaches are using physical medicine assessments and therapeutic exercise as a training tool to optimize performance and rehabilitate weak, tight or unstable muscular systems.

If you are looking for an easy way to optimize your routine and correct any movement errors you may have picked up while training, check in with our team and try a free Sports Movement Screening. We are ready to help you at several convenient locations in Chicago – with a few locations right off your favorite running routes!

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