What the Year of the Tiger Means for you

It’s the Year of the Tiger!  新年快乐! (xīn nián kuài lè) 

Happy Lunar New Year! The Year of the Tiger – 2022 – is here!  

This speedy jungle creature rings in this Lunar Year with many special blessings. 

What is the Lunar New Year?

Celebrated by 2 billion people worldwide, the Lunar New Year is a festive time of rebirth and sign of springtime in China.  

The Lunar Year is based on a lunar calendar whose months are moon cycles. 

Traditionally, in cultures that celebrate, it is a time to honor ancestors and deities, while meeting up with family and loved ones.  

Why are animals important to the New Year?

Every year, an animal (from the Chinese Zodiac) is designated to represent the year. This concept originates from when it is believed that the Jade Emperor established a way to measure time.  

According to the story, he told the animals to compete in a race and the first 12 animals were rewarded with a year being named after them. 

Today, we all might take inspiration from the animal of the Lunar Year.  

The Tiger, the third animal to win the race, is a symbol of bravery and courage, making 2022 a year of resilience and strength for us all. (You can say that again!) 

Let’s not forget that the Tiger thought he would win due to his speed and vigor but was beaten by the Rat (who won with his cunning nature) and the Ox (who placed second due to his diligence). 

And so, the Tiger may remind us to continue to persevere in times of struggle. After the past two years of unprecedented challenges, we happily celebrate continued resilience and strength. 

What does the Year of the Tiger symbolize?

This particular year is considered the Year of the Water Tiger with water coming from the tiger’s five elements. 

Additional inspiration we can draw from Lunar New Year 2022: 

  • Tigers are charismatic – even playful – and wonderfully colorful, yet they are graceful and sensitive at the same time. 
  • Tigers have a strong moral compass. They are brave and do not back down from fights. (They are quick to start fights, though… and considerably aggressive). 
  • Tigers embrace competition. 
  • Duality! Tigers display physical and visual duality in their stripes. This may remind us of the duality of life – the yin and the yang. 
  • Duality in motion. Tigers can be meditative and still one moment and quick to bound with impulsive energy the next. 
  • Duality in love. Just like our beloved household cats, tigers exemplify both independence and curious loving. 
  • Water as a symbolic element is connected to wisdom, intention and fluidity.

What does the Year of the Tiger hold for you?

Best of all the Year of the Water Tiger indicates a prosperous year thanks to the Tiger’s auspicious qualities of embodying strength and exorcising “evil.” 

As you move forward in the year, here are a few prompts to help you reflect on the tiger within you: 

How will you move with strength and braveness? 

What does resiliency mean to you?  

How does your own duality shine? 

What would you like to stand for this year? 

What obstacles could you “exorcise” or remove? 

What makes you feel strong on a daily basis? 

What might you do to encourage more fluidity (and flow) to your life?

Did you know that many of our acupuncture practitioners, having studied and worked in Asia, are well-versed in these traditions and theories as it relates to Traditional Chinese Medicine? If you would like to learn more, ask your provider during your next visit! 

We hope that 2022 continues to bring you empowerment and growth. If you are looking for support our team is here for you!