Navigating Spring Allergies Safely Amid COVID-19


Allergies are frustrating… especially if you’ve been cooped up for the past year of pandemic life. Now, add masks that you’ll be sneezing and coughing into. And don’t forget about the confusion of worrying if our allergies are actually COVID symptoms. It’s enough to give you a headache, if you didn’t already have one from sinus congestion.

A few considerations to help you navigate the season with safety and ease:


  • You don’t have to wait for allergy symptoms to strike. Getting prepared as soon as possible can help your body stave off symptoms by decreasing inflammation in your body and arming your immune system.


  • Technically, allergy season is year-round (due to dust mite, mold, and pet dander). But when it comes to seasonal allergies (like pollen), experts say you should prepare for seasons that come earlier and last longer – due to climate change and increases in temperature.


  • This allergy season should be taken with added awareness as allergies impact major lung issues like asthma and weakens one’s ability to fight off respiratory illness.


  • If medication isn’t working for you or you are seeking more natural treatment, we recommend treating symptoms with acupuncture and a functional medicine approach to get to the root cause of your body’s reaction.


  • Ensure your nutritional intake aligns with your immune system and optimizes your body’s response to inflammation and histamines. With the guidance of your healthcare professional, you may want to add a supplement like our Seasonal Support which is available in-clinic or for purchase online.


  • Consider carrying multiple masks. It’s important to wear a mask for COVID-19 safety, especially if you are sneezing or coughing from allergies. If you sneeze or soil your mask, it may reduce its efficacy. Carry extra masks. Toss the soiled mask if it’s disposable. If reusable, put in a plastic bag to prevent contamination with your other belongings and wash later. Be sure to thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands after handling your mask.


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