Moms have a lot on their plate. Always. In times of “normalcy” motherhood presents plenty of challenges. With schooling and working from home, the at-home pressures from the pandemic have brought extreme levels of stress to parenting. 

Last year, 2020 saw record-breaking anxiety levels for all as the pandemic took hold of the world and multiple countries were sent into lockdown.  

According to a recent Gallop Poll women with young children staying at home experienced the highest levels of stress.  

Many moms found themselves taking on additional at-home responsibilities when shutdowns closed schools and offices. On top of that, as CNN noted, mothers are stressed not only by the growing health concerns, but also by the economic impacts of the pandemic that threatened family security.  

We often see moms put others in their tribe before themselves. Given the stressful climate caused by the pandemic, and the known impacts that stress has on one’s health, it’s essential that moms take care of themselves too.  

If you are a mom, or can relate, here are four Aligned Modern Health tips to ease pandemic stress and find moments of relaxation in your daily routine.  

Meditation & Breathing Exercises 

Meditation with simple breathing is an easy way to relieve stress at home, especially for busy moms who have to balance work with caring for children.  

As shared by licensed Acupuncturist Matthew Kerr in his webinar on meditation and stress relief, there are several meditation styles perfect for beginners.  

The simplest of these is known as Belly Breathing, in which you inhale deeply into the diaphragm so that the belly rises and falls. In this meditation, you should close your eyes and tune out external factors by focusing on the breath.  

Meditation, when practiced regularly, can have several health benefits such as improving sleep and mental health.  



Acupressure at Home

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicinal technique that involves putting pressure on specific places in the body to release muscle tension and promote blood circulation.  

Like acupuncture, acupressure can be an effective way to treat anxiety. One way to do this at home is by using Ear Seeds, which put pressure on acupuncture points in the ear that calm the nervous system.  

You can press the seeds into these points to relax and relieve anxiety.  You can also identify other points throughout the body to use acupressure without ear seeds. 

An easy point to find and relieve stress is on the hand in the curve between the thumb and index finger. You can press down here to relieve tension in the body, combat stress-relaxed headaches, and just take a moment for yourself.  

If you are interested in learning more about using acupressure points at home, be sure to connect with one of our acupuncturists during your next appointment. They will listen to your specific needs and show you exactly how to apply it yourself. 


Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy  

Herbal Medicine is an ancient practice used to treat illnesses and improve mental health conditions. Certain herbal mixes have been shown to reduce anxiety and induce relaxation.   

A common way to practice herbal medicine at home is by drinking teas with calming properties, such as chamomile and lavender. Enjoying a warm herbal tea before bed is an effortless way to relieve stress and enter into a good night’s sleep.  

Aromatherapy is another accessible method for incorporating herbs into your stress relief routine. Studies have shown that the scent of lavender may have calming effects on the body (by way of heart rate, blood pressure, and mood) and can encourage sleep. 

If you are curious about personalized herbal medicine, many acupuncturists study the art and science of using herbs to improve health and treat illnesses. At Aligned Modern Health, our acupuncturists will often consider herbal remedies within your treatment plan. You can also request an Herbal Medicine appointment with a trained herbalist from our team who will customize an herbal medicine regime that is unique to your body’s health goals. 


Massage Therapy  

Stress affects every part of the body, as tension naturally leads to muscle stiffness and pain. Stress has also been proven to cause headaches, fatigue, stomach problems and negatively impacts sleeping. Massage therapy is not only a relaxing experience – it can also treat chronic issues and injuries.  

Research has also shown that regular massages can lower blood pressure and heart rate, improving heart health. Getting a massage is the perfect way fto treat yourself and take a true relaxation berak away from the stress of daily life. Aligned Modern Health offers massage therapy at each clinic location. You can request an appointment below. 


If you’re carrying a large portion of pandemic stress within your body, we want you to remember that you are not alone and you don’t have to suffer with ongoing pain or debilitating anxiety.  
You deserve to feel better, and we are here to help you get there!