Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape, also known as Kinesio Tape is often used to treat overuse and injuries in athletes. When properly applied Rock Tape can help prevent injury while addressing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Considerations Before Using Kinesio Tape

Many runners come to us – before and after a big race – with questions about proper taping. Before adding tape to your runner’s tool belt, two things are critical to keep in mind:

1) Kinesio Tape (or Rock Tape) should never be used as a replacement for treatments that address the root cause of injury.

2) Rock Tape should be applied properly or else you risk further injury. Our team of Sports Rehab experts recommend consulting with a professional in Physical Medicine first and having a professional apply Rock Tape before any major race or athletic performance.

Rock Tape offers runners number of benefits. It’s thin and flexible, so it won’t cause blisters or interfere with other treatments like icing or massage. It can be applied to almost any part of the body and stays on for several days, which gives athletes an opportunity to work with their health care provider prior to their big event. Here we look at Dr. Nadrine Omar, DC, properly applying tape for runner’s knee a common injury from overuse.

Self-Care and Self-Treatment Are Not the Same

Running a marathon is an incredible time of self-growth and inwardly focused attention. We get it! And we are here to help you do you!

While self-treating injuries might seem like a natural (and inexpensive) thing to do, we often hear from injured runners who tried to go it alone before the race only to create more challenges for their bodies due to improper care and ineffective taping techniques.

At Aligned Modern Health, we offer free injury screenings and sports movement screenings during which you can address you individual needs and determine if Rock Taping is a proper solution for your current concerns.