Every year, during Valentine’s Day, we all receive chocolates and candies from our loved ones. For a lot of us, it either goes to waste or we feel guilt indulging in the sweet treats we receive.

Whether you love dark chocolate, candy hearts, or champagne all of these are filled with sugars and processed ingredients. We’re here to give you some healthy food inspiration, that you will love, and that your gut will love, too!


Healthy Valentine’s Day Hacks

Cherry Tomato Hearts – After all the candy you receive, these will be a great treat to enjoy as a snack. Simply cut the cherry tomatoes in half, and connect them into a heart shape, and use a toothpick as “cupid’s bow”. You can even decorate the toothpicks with cute notes. Sprinkle with Himalayan sea salt, pepper, and avocado oil.

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Heart Shaped Fruit Ice – This is a great way to add some festivity to your beverage, or cocktail of choice. Simply cut strawberries, watermelon, and apples into hearts, and freeze until solid. Enjoy them in your favorite Kombucha cocktail. 

Photo Credit: Kelsey Bandfield


Lovable Bento Boxes – We love Bento Boxes, here at Aligned Modern Health. What better way to show your kiddo you love them, then creating a Valentine’s Day theme in their lunchbox? Add red berries, heart cut-outs, and extra sweet treats. Check out some of our favorite bento box ideas here. 


Fruit Notes – This one is super simple! For fruits that are best enjoyed without the peel (oranges, bananas, grapefruits), write a poem or love note directly on the peel! For example, “Orange you glad we’re together?” or “I’m bananas for you!”


Dairy-Free Parfaits – Our partners at KitchFix, have some delicious dairy-free yogurt options. We love their strawberry cashew yogurt – and layering it with their Vanilla Berry Grain-Free Granola is the perfect healthy and indulgent dessert for Valentine’s Day!


Stop by our clinics on Valentine’s Day to enjoy a sample of Kitchfix’s grain free granola! Not only is it delicious and satisfies your sweet tooth, but it is heart healthy too.


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