Cupping 101

If you’re feeling anxious, out of balance or just looking to improve your overall well-being, the good news is that there are a lot of wellness options and trends to choose from.

The bad news is also that there are a lot of wellness options and trends to choose from. Trying to undo your stress can be overwhelming in itself!

You may have come across cupping therapy in your research… and you may have heard how this method is used by celebrities and athletes alike. It was even recently featured in an article on celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe’s blog, the Zoe Report 

But what is cupping therapy? There are lots of misconceptions surrounding this practice such as that it’s painful, bad for you, or doesn’t actually work.

We are here to debunk the cupping myths and share just how beneficial cupping can be. 

What is cupping and where does it come from?  

The practice of cupping has been documented in early Chinese and Egyptian medical treatments in relation to a variety of diseases.  

Today, we use cupping to relieve pain and stress. The therapy can be helpful with back pain, neck pain, migraines, inflammation, carpal tunnel, and anxiety/depression.

Cupping removes toxins and stagnation from the body, while promoting blood flow and natural healing.

The therapy can feel like a deep tissue massage and can be incredibly relaxing.

Public figures such as Michael Phelps, Kaley Cuoco and Lizzo have all enjoyed the benefits of cupping- why not give it a try yourself?  

How does cupping therapy work?  

Cupping therapy is relatively straightforward.   

Warmed cups are put onto the skin for suction, drawing fluid into the area. This causes blood vessels to expand and break open, gathering blood in the area of the cup as a healing process for your body.  

Cups are often made out of glass, but can also be made out of plastic, bamboo, ceramic or metal. The heating of the cups helps to remove oxygen from inside, creating a vacuum.  

The cups can be placed on the back, arms, legs or other areas depending on a patients symptoms or areas of pain. The vacuum pulls the skin upward into the cups, which  are left on for about 3 minutes. Some providers will move the cups around the massage and stretch a specific area.  

The suction causes the blood vessels to rupture, creating the noticeable circular bruises. The body then treats this area as an “injury,” sending more blood to the area to promote healing. This helps alleviate pain or symptoms where the cups were placed.  

Cups use suction and massages the body in an upward motion, as the skin is pulled upward. 

This allow for lymphatic fluid to drain, giving your immune system a natural boost.  

What does cupping treat? 

Cupping is most commonly used to relive pain or muscle tension, but can help with a variety of symptoms. 

If you feel a cold coming on, cupping can help break up mucus. This helps alleviate a cough or congestion in the lungs. 

Cupping can help with trouble sleeping my prompting relaxation within the body.  

The biggest benefit of cupping is that it can help all types of people, whether you’re an athlete who pulled a muscle, have a stressful deadline at work or worried about something in your personal life, cupping can help.  

How can you get cupped? 

Cupping is most commonly performed by licensed acupuncturists as part of their treatment process.  

Our team of Aligned Modern Health acupuncturist perform cupping and can help you start treatment. We offer free 15 minute consultation with our acupuncturists if you want specific questions answered before starting treatment. 

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