Back in 2016, enhanced warnings were added to prescription painkiller medication labels to inform and advise patients of additional risks related to addiction, misuse, overdose, and death. These warnings also cautioned that prescription painkillers should be used only when absolutely necessary (and as a last resort) in an effort to combat the opioid crisis facing the US.

The good news for those seeking to steer clear of prescriptive pharmaceuticals is that there are several incredibly effective alternatives. This conversation between Chiropractic Physical Medicine Physician Dr. Raqaq Alebiosu, DC and Licensed Acupuncturist Dr. Seanna Tully, DACM, L. Ac, MSTOM, Dipl. OM, will explore how physical medicine and acupuncture specifically can each provide benefits and relief to those experiencing acute and/or chronic pain, as well as how these practices often work hand in hand to maximize the outcomes of truly custom treatment plans.