A tickle in our throat. A headache. Itchy eyes. Nasal congestion.

What is it?

COVID-19 has put us on high alert when it comes to physical symptoms and fluctuations within our bodies.

If you are experiencing allergies, you may feel anxious and confused about your symptoms. You might also be eager to avoid behaviors that put you at higher risk like the need to scratch your itchy, water eyes or having to constantly blow a runny nose.

At Aligned Modern Health, we offer natural relief that staves off symptoms while increasing your body’s ability to eliminate seasonal allergies all together. Recently, we’ve seen an increase of patients looking for additional support managing allergies.

If you are seeking more information, we invite you to join our webinar next Wednesday with acupuncturist Eric Schrock, L.Ac. Acupuncture is a common allergy fix that helps address nasal congestion and sinus pressure. Many patients find that it provides relief for allergy symptoms without the pesky side effects of certain over-the-counter medications. As an added bonus, it also supports your immune system to decrease inflammation in your body, which may help prevent allergies.

After the presentation, the discussion will be open for a live Q&A where all your questions can be answered. If you would like to submit a question in advance, please email webinars@alignedmodernhealth.com.

Register for the webinar for free here.


About Eric Schrock, L.Ac, Dipl. OM

Eric Schrock, L.Ac, MSTOM is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, one of the leading schools for acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in the United States. This four year program provided him with the necessary training to treat a wide variety of imbalances including pain, insomnia, digestive concerns, menstrual irregularities, and many others using acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle recommendations leading his patients to a healthier, more balanced life.

Eric began his passion to help others in 2011 when he witnessed a powerful event that lead him to change his lifestyle and outlook on being. He began studying Buddhist meditation and decided to volunteer for a year in Kenya. Here he worked with community development groups teaching in primary schools and providing computer training to local adults.

Wanting to do more when he returned, Eric became interested in Chinese medicine. After receiving multiple successful acupuncture sessions, he began researching the wide scope of possibilities this medicine has to offer. Without hesitation, Eric then committed the next four years of his life to study. Since then, he went on to help thousands of people around the world working on cruise ships before he made his way back to land.