Staying active is a key part of overall. But amid your busy life, sometimes working seems just like… more work. The next time you need a reason to exercise, consider some of our favorite motivators and top reasons to exercise.
Reasons to Exercise:
1. Improved Memory
Exercise does a brain good. After a workout, people typically report that they think more clearly and even feel more creative. The Scientific American explains that the brain is receiving more oxygen, as a result of improved blood flow. Science is showing that the impact of exercise on the brain have long term effects. The hippocampus is a part of the brain critical for learning and memory. It’s highly active during exercise, as a result our cognitive function improves. Studies have shown that running enhances spatial learning, aerobic activity can even reduce hippocampal shrinkage – improving our memory as we age, and exercise may even result in better performance on tests.
2. Improved Posture
At Aligned Modern Health, our Chiropractic team always has your back. One of foundational beliefs is that exercise can be key in your strategy to correct posture problems. Regularly exercising your abs, back, and other muscles will strengthening your posture, both standing and sitting.
3. More Energy
You have to use energy in order to work out, so it’s slightly ironic that regular workouts will lead to even more energy.
So what’s going on here? As we increase our blood flow during exercise, more oxygen is delivered throughout our bodies. Our bodies need oxygen to create energy. More oxygen means we make more energy. On top of that, we get a sweet release of endorphins during exercise. These two factors are among the many reasons we feel more energetic after a workout.
4. Sleep Better
According to the National Sleep Foundation, regular exercise will improve your quality of sleep. While your muscles are strengthening, so is your circadian rhythm. With even light exercise, you’ll experience more daytime alertness and ease falling asleep at night.
5. Better Sex
Ah-hem. Now that we have your attention, let’s be frank. Exercise improves circulation. Studies show that improved circulation increases libido and decreases men’s risk for erectile dysfunction.
Ok. Next subject.
6. Immunity
Fun Fact: People who exercise are half as likely to get colds as those who don’t.
According to the National Library of Medicine physical activity flushes bacteria out of the lungs and may even flush out cancer-causing substances while increasing the output of wastes in the body. It also sends antibodies and white blood cells through the body at a quicker rate, which means that the body’s defense cells might be able to detect illnesses earlier. Additionally, exercise slows down the release of stress-related hormones that increase the chance of illness.
7. Live Longer
According to Psychology Today, adding exercise to your daily routine can increase your life expectancy similarly to the effect of quitting smoking!
 8. Happiness
Top Reasons to Exercise
Exercise takes your mind off stress while also boosting your endorphins and decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone). What’s more, you’ll begin to experience a surge in confidence. Beyond feeling better about your physical appearance, exercise leaves you feeling accomplished. You are only one workout from a better mood. Check out samples exercises from our 28-Day Jumpstart Fitness Challenge and drop into an Aligned Modern Health to pick up your free packet.