We all know that the real battle on Super Bowl Sunday happens on your plate!  But who knew that veggies were the most popular food item at the top of grocery lists?
According to the AP, veggie trays lead the pack in retail shopping. That sounds like a win already, but we want to make sure your baby carrots don’t get lonely. Check out our dream team line up of recipe ideas for Super Bowl Super Food – perfect for our 28-Day Challengers or anyone looking to make snack time a real game changer.
1. Buffalo Hummus. This flavorful number is gluten-free, vegetarian and as creator DJB says, was born for your carrots and celery.
2. Raw Vegan Stuff Cucumbers. Easy to prep and quick to grab. This vegetarian, gluten-free snack scores with guests big time!
3. Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas. Just like your favorite chips, these are protein-packed and made without any processed ingredients.
4. Kale Chips. The options for seasoning Kale Chips are numerous and nimble on the tastebuds. Have fun with different flavors. And check out these tips for perfecting the ultimate Kale Chip!
5. Holy Guacamole! Go on and get your guac on! Just make sure you look for healthy dippers – like Chia-Kale Chips (Gluten-Free) and veggies! You can give it your own creative spin with other Superfood ingredients like garlic and red peppers!
6. Build a Bowl. You can literally make your own super bowl with quinoa-veggie bowls! From an exotic Thai Veggie Bowl to the mindful Zen Bowl.
7. Chili. Nothing takes a hot game up a notch like a hearty bowl of Chili. You can try a version with one of our favorite Superfood proteins – Bison – or try a vegetarian version that will even make meat lovers melt!
8. Loaded Sweet Potatoes tackle your game day craving for nachos! Sub out the cheese and sour-cream for dairy free options like Cashew Sour Cream and vegan cheese!
9. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes. It’s the biggest football game of the year. (And we’re not that cruel.) We can’t leave you hanging without some decadent backup. These bite sized-treats are a cheat-free way to make nice with your sweet tooth.
10. Berries and Cream Chia Pudding. This drool-worthy dessert is a dairy-free, gluten-free play that can also switch teams as a breakfast dish.
Super Bowl Super Foods Recipes
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