Is it possible to stay fit while we’re sitting?!

While many of us are working from home these days, it is key to not neglect your daily activity. In addition to generally getting up and moving around, there are stretches that you can implement throughout your day to mitigate the tightness and tension caused by poor working posture – especially if you are working from non-conventional “desks” like the kitchen table, or worse – the couch!

Some favorites include:

Seated Neck Retractions – helps with neck pain and cervical range of motion concerns

  • Sit up straight
  • Maintain a neutral head position (not tilted up or down)
  • Bring your head back straight over your neck (make a “double chin”)
  • Bring your head forward straight past your collarbone
  • Return to center
  • Repeat 10-20 times / 1-2x per day 

The “Slump Overcorrect” – helps with general mobility and relieves stress off the back muscles

  • Sit in a neutral position with both feet on the floor
  • Egregiously “slump” and bring the shoulders over the
    front of your hips (everything your mother told you not to do!)
  • Hyperextend through neutral into an over-arched position,
    (sticking out your rear and pushing out your chest)
  • Relax back into a neutral spine
  • Repeat 10 times / 1-2x per day

Standing Lower Back Extension – counteracts sitting all day and relieves stress off the back muscles

  • Stand with feet hips’ width distance apart
  • Place both hands (fingers pointing down) on the lower back,
    just above the belt line
  • Actively push your hips forward while gentle arching your back,
    looking up towards the ceiling
  • Return to a neutral standing position
  • Repeat 10 times / 1-2x per day

Hand and Wrist Stretches – counteracts constant typing motion/static wrist and arm positions

  • Circle your wrists left and right
  • Flex and extend wrists up and down
  • Rotate wrists side to side
  • Press against other hand in both directions
  • Repeat each motion 10 times / 1-2x per day


No stretch is universally appropriate, and it is always best to get the input from a physical medicine expert to find out what is best and most appropriate for you. We now offer telemedicine where our Chiropractors can prescribe exercises, tailored to you! To set up your virtual visit, fill out the form below.


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