Get in the know about H2O for virtual races!

Hydration is always a top consideration for runners. It maintains blood volume, regulates body temperature, and allows muscle contractions to take place.

If you are planning a virtual race, such as the marathon, it’s crucial to prepare in advance for the lack of aid stations and on-course hydration opportunities.

When updating your hydration strategy, here are some things to consider:

????Can you carry your own hydration with a belt or a pack?

????Are there additional sources of hydration along your planned route?

????Can any friends help you along the way by leaving hydration and fuel at a pre-arranged location?

And above all, remember that your hydration plan begins well before race day. Make sure you are starting early and staying hydrated all week prior to your big run!

A hydration and yoga clinic for runners with Functional Medicine provider Dr. Elise Toth, DC

During the summer, we hosted a virtual “Sip & Stretch” with Chicago Endurance Sports. Starting at 24:00, right after the yoga session, is an informative Q&A on hydration considerations for athletes. If you a runner, this can help you understand how much hydration your body needs for your training and race day needs.

For additional assistance, we offer comprehensive nutritional support to optimize your performance and improve your overall wellbeing. For athletes, Functional Medicine takes an in-depth, individualized look at the biology of your body’s unique needs. Then we establish a strategic roadmap towards optimal health that helps you thrive as you naturally should!

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