Just found out your pregnant and don’t want to miss out on your early morning workout? Are you unsure how to incorporate workouts in a safe way? Read below to discover easy ways to get physical while your sweet baby is growing inside.

But first, why would you want to work out during your pregnancy? Isn’t this the time to sit back, relax, and get as much sleep as possible without feeling guilty? Absolutely! But there are definitely benefits to regular exercise during your gestation period. First, working out creates endorphins which can help reduce stress and make you feel happy and good about yourself. Working out during pregnancy can also help increase blood flow which is good for the baby as well as increase muscle strength and flexibility, reducing the risk of injury during labor.


Walk It Out

The easiest exercise to perform throughout your entire pregnancy is walking regularly. Find a pace that works for you and go on a 30-minute walk daily. As you progress into the second and third trimester, take caution to select flat trails. It is common to lose balance as your body grows and changes. A smooth trail and supportive shoes will also help minimize stress on your legs and ankles.


Keep Swimming

Swimming is another great exercise to do up until delivery. Swimming helps to reduce the stress of weight on the body while providing a safe environment without fear of harmful falls. The key is finding strokes that involve little to no movement or rotation of the torso. Due to the inverse effects of gravity in the water, it is one of the few places women are able to lay on their backs without restricting bloodflow. It is important to avoid hot tubs and saunas, especially during the first trimester. It could lead to overheating and have a negative impact on the baby.



Attending yoga classes can also be a great way to prepare for birth. It allows you to ensure your muscles and joints are loose while increasing your flexibility. It is important to remember not to over stretch. Pregnant women produce relaxin, a hormone that creates additional flexibility within the muscles, preparing for delivery. Modifying poses is also vital during the second and third trimesters, keeping in mind to avoid those requiring you to lay on your back. As you move past the first trimester, your growing uterus becomes heavy and can cut off the blood flow if you try positions on your back.


Other great, simple exercises to perform are squats and pelvic exercises. Always remember, before starting a new workout routine, connect with your doctor to ensure you’re taking the right approach for both you and your baby. Always listen to your body, don’t over extend yourself, and modify as needed. Now go break a sweat!


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