It’s Sunday night, you just spent the entire day running errands and taking your little ones to the park.. and now it’s time to get the lunches ready for the week. For a lot of parents, the week nights become so busy, that Sunday is one of the only times available to get your little ones lunches ready! We are here to bring you some inspiring lunches to get your kids pumped to go back to school!

Have you heard of Bento Boxes? They are the latest craze right now! Originally from Japan, bento boxes are becoming wildly popular in America. So popular, that parents often get competitive as to how creative they can get! Making sushi or hard boiled eggs into animal shapes, flower petals made from carrots, and even broccoli made into tiny trees! The creativity doesn’t stop there though, just take a look at some of these awesome bento boxes!



Aside from the fun and creative aspect, bento boxes are a great way to add a variety of healthy foods and create a solution for picky eaters. Our very own Functional Medicine Experts have some great tips on creates bento boxes for their children!

Barbie's Bento Box

Some tips from the team are:

  1. “I aim to combine protein (meat, nuts, seeds, cheese), healthy fats (nuts, cheese, avocado, coconut, olives)and carbohydrates (berries, apples, veggies) in order to support blood sugar stability and sustained energy.”
  2. “Although there are times when grocery shopping with Sloan is frustrating, I often include her so she can pick out foods for her lunch. It is worth the frustration to support her autonomy and independence and healthy relationship with eating.”
  3. “Don’t underestimate kid’s preferences. We had microgreens and fermented ginger beets on our salad last night and I thought my daughter wouldn’t like it. She did so much that she requested more in her lunch today.”


Meal prepping can be a fun family activity! We are here to help guide you through your nutrition journey. For any problems you may be experiencing with your dietary needs, we are here to help. Click here to learn more about our Functional Medicine Doctors and Clinical Nutrition programs or click here to schedule an appointment!