Before going out for a run or embarking on an intense workout, it’s key to properly stretch your muscles and prepare them for the activity you are about to do!

Warming up with dynamic stretches helps bring oxygen to your muscles to prep them for your workout to come. Dynamic stretching not only helps prevent injuries, it can even help you run longer!

According to a recent study, runners who did dynamic stretches were able to go almost two and half minutes longer before tiring out.

Now that we are in the full swing of running season be sure to prevent injuries by properly warming up before each run — no matter how long the distance. Check out this quick but effective warmup to get your blood flowing before your run!


Our very own Dr. Omar, DC, suggests this warmup before your run:

  • 20 squats 3 times
  • 10 lunges each side, 3 times
  • Tuck jumps 6-8 tuck jumps, 3 times
  • Butt kicks 30 reps or for 30 seconds , 3 times
  • Leg swings 10 each side, 3 times

All these exercises can be done timed, where each can be performed for 30 second increments 3 times through, or you can do it with reps and 3 sets of each.

Taking the time to warmup before you run and properly stretch your muscles after you run can prevent pain and speed up your recovery time. If you are feeling any pain after you run, our team of experts in Sports Rehab and our chiropractic physical medicine doctors are here to help you get back to your routine – pain free! Click here to set up your first appointment or to request a free Sports Movement Screening with us!