Adult scoliosis may be occur as a result of untreated childhood scoliosis or it may develop in conjunction with another spinal condition, such as degeneration, bone loss (osteoporosis), or bone softening (osteomalacia).

Understanding Chiropractic Care and Exercise for Adult ScoliosisIf you have scoliosis you may notice that you have uneven shoulder blades or hips. You may also notice a hump or prominence in your ribs or lower back when you bend forward.

After being diagnosed with scoliosis, using Chiropractic and Physical Medicine as a non-invasive approach can reduce your symptoms and improve your posture.

At Aligned Modern Health, we understand that scoliosis is a condition that may require unique on-going care which is why we offer an individualized and educational approach that ensures you can live an active and happy life with very few limitations.

Our doctors seek out any underlying imbalances of mobility that may be contributing to your condition. At the same time, we prioritize functional movement as an essential goal towards optimizing your quality of life.

Throughout your treatment, you will learn specific exercises that are linked to the areas where you need to build strength in order to restore proper movement. Together, with your physician, our rehab team will empower you with exercises and education that you can use outside of your treatments.

The goal is always to create a new and improved normal, where you will be able to reclaim your favorite activities and ultimately, need to see us less.

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Understanding Chiropractic Care and Exercise for Adult Scoliosis

Using core stability exercises to progress our athletes with scoliosis at our West Loop clinic.