At Aligned Modern Health, our team of Functional Medicine Doctors and Clinical Nutritionists can help you unlock the key factors that reveal the nutrients and foods that will make you feel your best. Eating – or dieting for that matter – is never a one-size-fits all regimen. While we don’t endorse one particular diet type (eating should ultimately be customized to your body’s individual nutrient needs), we do approve of vegetable-forward thinking!

Tam Dickson, our Clinic Manager in Andersonville, rounded up some of her top picks to find vegetable-forward fare and vegetarian-friendly options in the area:

  1. TrueNorth Cafe
TruNorth Cafe in Chicago

Location: 5507 N Clark St

Okay, I know I wrote about TrueNorth on last week’s blog, but it really is such a safe haven for vegans so I haaaave to mention it again. Start your day with one of their nutrient-packed smoothies or grab a open-faced spiced tofu sandwich for something more substantial. TrueNorth has a great energy, so it’s a perfect place for a casual first date or place to catch up with a friend!

  2. Andie’s Restaurant 

Andie's Cafe in Chicago

Location: 5253 N Clark St

Any good vegan knows that Mediterranean food is a solid staple, so scoot into Andie’s for awesome hummus and some of the friendliest staff around! Your Mediterranean experience won’t get much more authentic short of actually BEING in the Mediterranean, so take advantage here, people. Vegans rejoice in the vegan/vegetarian menu (seriously, it’s so helpful) where you can find everything from Moroccan Eggplant to Curry Vegetable Couscous. And no matter what you order, be sure to ask for a side of warm pita bread…I think it is THE most delicious pita I’ve ever had!

  3.  Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen

Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen

Location: 5812 N Broadway St

Okay, so Alice & Friends is teeeeecchhnically in Edgewater, but it sits right on the boarder so it still counts! A full on vegan paradise, Alice & Friends boasts an entirely vegan menu with mouth-watering comfort foods like vegan mac n cheese and vegan Korean BBQ. It also has an Asian flare so a good portion of the menu is a vegan-twist on traditionally meat-centric Asian dishes (highly recommend the pan seared dumplings as a starter!). Um, did I mention dessert? Full on vegan desserts ranging from cheese cakes to apple tarts to ice creams….AND it’s all extremely reasonably priced. Win / win / win for vegans everywhere.

4. Lady Gregory’s

Lady Gregory's in Chicago

Location: 5260 N Clark St

Pub food is a notorious bump in the road for vegans. We usually end up with a drink and a plate of fries, and if we’re REALLY lucky we get a mediocre salad to go along with it. That’s why I’m super grateful to the legendary Lady Gregory’s for making pub fare accessible for us plant-based folks! They have a fully vegetarian menu with a lot of customization possibilities to make them fully vegan. I’d go for the Edamame & Black Bean Salad or customize that Black Bean Burger to make it vegan….totally delicious. 

  5. George’s Ice Cream

George's Ice Cream in Chicago

Location: 5306 N Clark St

Surprised to see this here? ME TOO! Ice cream was a toughie for me when I went the plant-based route, but it is becoming more and more main stream for ice cream shops (like this Andersonville staple) to have some vegan options. They seem to always have at least 2 on rotation – when last I went there was a raspberry sorbet and some sort of amazing chocolate concoction. I got both (because, duh) and they were both absolutely delicious. Secret bonus: get your scoops in a (vegan!) pretzel cone for some added sweet/salty flavor 🙂

At Aligned Modern Health, we promote healthy eating and living! That being said, dessert is still dessert and all indulgent foods are suggested to be enjoyed in moderation. If you find yourself stuck on a particular diet type (paleo, keto, vegan, etc.), we’re here to help you find balance and optimal health through your choice of foods. Often, we may feel like we are eating healthy but don’t end up feeling healthy after all.

If you are interested in learning more about how to positively change your diet and transform your health, contact us today! We offer free 15 minute consultations with our Functional Medicine Doctors and Clinical Nutritionists at several locations throughout Chicago and surrounding areas. Click here to schedule online or call us today: 773-598-4387


Featured Author: Tam Dickson, Andersonville Aligned Modern Health Clinic Manager

Tam is the Clinic Manager at Aligned Modern Health – Andersonville, and is so excited to be a part of the team. She graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in Theatre History and Political Science and then went on to begin a career in Arts Administration, where she spent most of her time in the Casting Department at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. She is a passionate indoor cyclist, vegan, and group fitness instructor so she’s thrilled to make the transition to the Health & Wellness industry. When not in Clinic, you can find Tam riding her Peloton, attempting to learn to REALLY cook, or watching Gilmore Girls for the 75895th time.