Acupuncture for Sleep – So Long, Insomnia 

Acupuncture is known for promoting relaxation and limiting stress in the body. Did you know that it has sleep-inducing superpowers as well?  

We all have those nights… we lay down to get some shut-eye and find ourselves tossing and turning for hours. Science shows that insomnia symptoms can occur in approximately 33% to 50% of American adults.  

Lack of sleep and insomnia symptoms cause us to be more irritable, feel fatigued, have memory problems, and struggle at work, school or in relationships.  

If you’re struggling with sleep, Acupuncture is here to help.  

Sleep’s New BFF 

Acupuncture treatment helps our bodies naturally produce melatonin, the hormone that controls our sleep and wake cycles. This in and of itself helps improve sleep.  

Acupuncture also regulates our sympathetic nervous system, which puts our body into fight or flight responses. Controlling this promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality.  

The practice of acupuncture also focuses on our overall wellbeing and the regulation of our body’s natural processes. Acupuncture can teach our body how to fall asleep by balancing our serotonin levels. This helps us stabilize our mood, reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, and create a healthy sleeping routine.  

Better sleep, in general, leads to better overall health. The science behind sleep shows that it’s an essential body function that promotes brain function, allows for cellular repair and is tied to positive mental health patterns.  

How Much Acupuncture do we Need?  

Most people are able to see an improvement in their sleep as early as the first acupuncture session. However, after three to four sessions long-term sleep benefits begin to kick in.  

Taking into account the severity of sleep issues can determine how frequently treatment is needed. Appointments can be every week, every other week or even once a month depending on your individual sleep goals.  

Acupuncture creates a deep sense of calm in the body that makes patients feel more alert, focused, creative and less stressed. You can’t go wrong!  

We recommend working with an Acupuncturist to find the treatment cadence that is right for you and your body.  

Helpful Herbs  

In addition to acupuncture needling itself, herbal medicine can serve as a holistic option to replace over-the-counter sleep medications.  

Simple herbs like mint and chamomile, catnip, valerian, rose hips help regulate the nervous system.  

If you are interested in taking herbs or other supplements for sleep, you should consult with your health care provider. We offer free 15-minute herbal consultations with our board-certified herbalists. 

Get Sleeping! 

No sleep is no fun. 

Lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on your body! 

If you struggle with sleep and are interested in trying acupuncture as a treatment, our team is here for you. Our Licensed Acupuncturists are ready to create an individualized treatment plan to address your symptoms and achieve your sleep goals. They can also address your questions about herbal medicine and other at-home methods that can build on your treatment.  

If you’re interested in booking a first appointment, or a free consultation, click the button below!