During quarantine, changes in our routine and environment have left many of us feeling an increase in physical aches and pains. Restricted movement, improper work-from-home environments, and even added stress can take a toll on our bodies.

Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain-in-that-place-you-never-knew-existed, and you name-it-pain, is steadily creeping in. If you’re experiencing it for yourself, there is one thing you can be sure of… that constant reminder, every day, that your body is asking for your TLC.

While you may think choices to relieve pain right now are limited, it may be a matter of trying a new approach.

Luckily, we are still offering in-clinic essential care for both acupuncture and chiropractic physical medicine. If you find yourself unable to leave home, we also offer virtual appointments.

We pride ourselves in helping you empower your own body to heal, optimize and thrive – as you were naturally designed to. Whether you are in our our clinic or away, this has always been the case.

Ear seeds have always been in our tool belt for at-home care and we’re thrilled to help add them to yours!

Ear seeds are an acupuncture tool you can use at home to enhance treatment in-between sessions and achieve similar results. Ear seeds resemble acupuncture and are used to stimulate pressure points in the ear that are related to the general principles of acupuncture.

Right now, ear seeds offer our patients who are at home and looking for relief, the ability to have an immediate effect on their symptoms. From stress relief to seasonal allergy support, ear seeds can be used for a wide variety of conditions, including back and body pain.

In this example, our acupuncturist, Valerie Lyvers, demonstrates the points that help with back and neck pain.


Ear Seeds for Neck & Back Pain


In this diagram, we use points for the low back, mid back, neck, shen men, and thalamus. To use: place your ear seeds on the points shown above, and gently massage them when you are feeling pain.

Seeds are available for ordering, here. If you would like specific guidance on how ear seeds can help you achieve your current health goals, our acupuncturists are able to meet with you virtually to demonstrate ear seed application and discuss your current health needs.

Stay safe and stay on top of your health concerns. Contact our team today!



About Valerie Lyvers, L.Ac, Dipl OM, MSTOM

Valerie Lyvers

Valerie Lyvers, Lac, Dipl OM, Mstom, is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental medicine Chicago.  After studying theatre for 4 years at Columbia College Chicago, she discovered she had a passion for learning about the body by means of “Awareness Through Movement” Classes such as yoga, Feldenkrais, dance, and psychocalisthenics. She has been a Chicago performer for over 10 years.  

A nationally certified acupuncturist and herbalist, Valerie combines acupuncture with food therapy and lifestyle recommendations to educate her patients on ways to heal.  At Pcom, she completed over 3,307 hours of combined study, 900 of which were hands on clinical hours.  She has also interned at 4 other Chicago clinics in her free time, and completed an externship at the Chicago Women’s health center.  She believes patients should be as involved in their treatment plans as possible, and encourages questions from patients (and their other healthcare providers).  Valerie is so excited to be working with Park Ridge families at Aligned Modern Health!