Feeling like you can’t quite move like you used to?

There are many reasons why your muscles may feel tighter than usual. One of the leading causes for sore muscles – sitting – might surprise you, yet it is something we’ve all done too much of lately.

Luckily, the warm weather gives us more reason to get moving, but we are still facing a summer of limited activity during our workdays. Sitting excessively or improperly leads to shortened, fatigued muscles that limit your body’s capacity and increase your risk for injury.

Proactively loosening your muscles can help relieve stress on your body and improve your overall physical performance when it comes to working out and staying active.

Beyond consistent stretching, consider adding the following to your routine:

  1. Core Strength. A weak core cannot stabilize your spine and pelvis as it should. Improper alignment of your spine and pelvis creates tight muscles. You can improve core strength with stability exercises like planks and dead bugs.
  2. Resistance Training. Strengthening your muscles may have as much impact as passive stretching. We recommend moving through full range of motion during exercises to help train your muscles for flexibility.
  3. Foam Rolling. When paired with stretching, foam rolling is a popular and effective way to increase your range of motion, improve muscle recovery, and boost performance.

If you are feeling frustrated by muscle tightness, you may be experiencing unhealthy levels of muscle compensation, pelvic tilt, or sciatic nerve irritation.

Getting the opinion of an expert can help you determine the cause and create a plan of action that is tailored to your body and your lifestyle.

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