Pillows and Neck Pain

For years patients have asked me “do you think my pillow is causing my neck pain?” The answer is simple. Probably. A good rule of thumb is to keep a 90° angle between your head and shoulders if you’re a side sleeper. If you sleep on your back, make sure your ears are in line with your shoulders. If you sleep on your stomach, well… let’s just say you’re better off flipping over. But that’s beside the point… I am NOT going to preach to you about the best position to sleep in because you know as well as I do that most of us constantly toss and turn in bed with no real control over it. I will, however, tell you about the best kept secret in pillows.

Four words: Target brand Extra Firm.

So many pillow companies boast about their effectiveness in keep your head and neck supported while sleeping. It’s true, a lot of these pillows do work, but most cost a pretty penny.

If you’re like me, you LOVE Target. It’s got everything you need. Including chiropractor-approved pillows. Target’s brand “Room Essentials” (RE) has a line of pillows that are the perfect alternative to more expensive pillows.

If you are constantly complaining about waking up with neck and upper back pain or even headaches and migraines, head to your nearest Target and find the pillow aisle. Skip the soft. Skip the firm. Go directly to EXTRA FIRM. The composition of the RE brand extra firm pillow is firm enough to keep your head and neck fully supported and comfortable enough to ease you into a deep relaxing sleep. What’s more is that they only cost around $10 each.

Target brand extra firm pillows. You can thank me later.  If you have any questions about your pain, we are here to help. Request an Appointment today!