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At Aligned Modern Health in Chicago, we conduct a comprehensive examination of every patient who is suffering from debilitating headaches. Gaining an understanding of your overall health is what enables our specialists to use a combination of treatments for effective headache relief.

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Many headaches are due to muscle tension in the neck. Hours spent at a desk staring at your computer monitor or frequent use of your cell phone to message or scan the internet are common causes of this tension. Driving for long, uninterrupted periods is another reason for tense neck muscles.

Many headache sufferers benefit from chiropractic manipulation of the spine and neck. The alignment of your spine affects several other parts of your body, so adjustments that improve the spine’s function can dramatically improve numerous conditions, including possibly your headaches.

A session or two with one of Aligned Modern Health’s chiropractors often provides at least partial headache relief right away.

You might also benefit from acupuncture treatment to get headache relief.  Our trained acupuncture practitioners know how to encourage internal healing and diminish or eradicate your headaches.

Another way to lessen the severity or frequency of headaches may be to change your diet. Our functional medicine and clinical nutritionists are qualified to provide nutritional advice as part of your overall treatment plan.

Simple exercises, relaxation techniques and a focus on proper ergonomics at work and at home may also be incorporated into your headache treatment program.

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Aligned Modern Health seeks to help you discover the cause of your health problems and design a course for recovery that uses natural methods of treatment instead of drugs or surgery.

Taking a prescription pill may seem easier, but too often medications cause other health problems. These side effects can also differ, depending on the individual.

Our programs are aimed at providing a lifetime of relief. Our patients have found that investing in a proven program of natural healthcare is well worth the effort.

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