What is functional medicine?

It’s a question new patients often ask when the staff at Aligned Modern Health recommends this non-traditional method of treatment for chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

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Functional medicine is a comprehensive approach that seeks to augment existing healthcare services in the U.S.

In the past century, modern medicine has made great strides in treating acute health care cases – that is, injuries or short-term conditions such as broken bones or allergic reactions.  Modern medicine has made tremendous progress in the treatment of chronic issues like cancer, diabetes and other illnesses.

But treatment for long-term, complex conditions is a problem that traditional healthcare approaches have struggled to solve. Today, more people than ever are suffering from digestive disorders, depression, cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases and conditions. Sometimes more than one chronic condition is present, further complicating matters. The reasons are varied but the evidence is indisputable.

Conventional medicine frequently successfully treats the conditions, but the cause of the problem may remain. We feel functional medicine is the answer for focusing on the root causes and addressing issues at the source.

By focusing on underlying mechanisms instead of symptoms, and using nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, exercise, and the mind to encourage overall health, functional medicine is changing the definition of health care in this country.

If you suffer from a condition or disease that you feel that your physicians have been unable to cure or relieve, we encourage you to explore the potential of functional medicine.

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What is Functional Medicine? A Further Explanation

Your body is a complex web of systems that work together. When even a single aspect of that web breaks down, conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes can develop.

Functional medicine attempts to alleviate illness or chronic conditions by bringing your body back into sync. This comprehensive approach attempts to start at the source of the issue, your body, and strengthen it from the inside out with changes in routine, diet, and activity.

Once your body’s system again begins working in unison, another important aspect of functional medicine becomes clear – prevention. Once healthy, patients can ward off problems by following functional medicine’s methodologies.

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