3 Steps for Stepping Around Ice

Winter weather brings an array of daily challenges. Snow makes its hard to drive and freezing temperatures keep us indoors.  

The most dangerous part of winter is the icy conditions that overtake the roads and sidewalks. These can cause slips and trips that hurt our bodies.  

We’ve compiled our list of 3 steps to stepping around ice this winter and staying safe.  

Short Strides 

Short strides help to keep our center of balance. When approaching icy terrain, we recommend taking small, slow steps to stay centered.  

Think like a penguin doing a waddle!   

Toe Taps  

Nothing is worse than unknowingly stepping on a slippery spot. It can be dangerous moving ahead when you don’t know what you’re walking into! 

If the ground looks wet, its likely icy. Before walking forward, tap your toe to identify areas that might be slick! 

Lighten Your Load 

Carrying heavy loads can make navigating ice even more challenging. Keep your hands free and carry fewer bags when navigating frozen tundra.  

Having free hands helps you better control your center of gravity and avoid painful falls.  

If you do slip, we can help! 

If you do fall victim to an unfriendly slip, it can leave your body feeling sore and out of alignment.  

Our team of Chiropractic Care Providers and Rehab Specialists are ready to help you develop a care plan for your body this season, whether its incorporating healing stretches or addressing chronic pain.  

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