Why are dragon fruit and celery juice currently the most discussed and trendy health topics?  What do an old familiar vegetable and a fairly new exotic fruit have in common?  How do they differ? And most importantly, what properties do they have which can make us healthier?

Both have the important and vital ability to decrease LDL cholesterol.  Both contain abundant antioxidants which may have anti-cancer properties.  They can both assist our cardiovascular health, but there are some interesting differences.

Why Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is known as a “Super Fruit”. With almost no cholesterol, it’s great for weight loss and amazingly, it tastes sweet.

Not only can it decrease LDL, bad cholesterol, it can help replenish the good cholesterol.  With its monosaturated fats, dragon fruit has powerful benefits to cardiovascular health.

The extremely high fiber count of dragon fruit aids with digestion and relieves constipation.  It has the highest fiber content of ALL plant-based foods on earth.  This helps promote the growth of essential gut bacteria and can help regulate bowel function.  Immunity is boosted which leads to a faster metabolism and a smoother digestive process.

Rich in nutrients and low in calories, dragon fruit is an effective weight loss aid.  It can also help control diabetes.  Because it assists in the reduction of sugar levels, dragon fruit is beneficial for Type 2 and pre-diabetes.  It does a good job of controlling sugar spikes and it satisfies a sweet tooth. For a delicious summer treat, check out our Dragon Fruit Parfait recipe here!

Is it the new Celery Juice?

Celery juice assists with the prevention of inflammations such as arthritis, gout, and even asthma.  Its two major compounds, luteolin and polyacetylenes are among the strongest antioxidants and may battle cancer cells.  Antioxidants should be one of the most important parts of any diet and lifestyle.

One of the nutrients in celery juice relaxes the smooth muscles inside blood vessels, leading to a reduction in high blood pressure.  A bioflavonoid in it promotes blood vessel expansion, which lessens hypertension.

Celery juice is a very effective internal cleanser, which is especially beneficial to kidneys.  It is often recommended for treating kidney stones.  It can also be a powerful diuretic for removing excess water weight by flushing out toxins.

Celery juice’s high count of vitamin K helps preserve firm skin and retain elasticity.  Because it contains high levels of natural sodium, it’s a refreshing and hydrating drink.

If dragon fruit is called a “Super Fruit”, celery juice can be called “calming”.  It’s often suggested for enhanced relaxation and sleep because of its high magnesium content.

Both of these trends can become part of anyone’s lifestyle.  Learn which is the best choice for your body with our Functional Medicine team. One, or both, might be the newest  aid you can use to stay active and  healthy.

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