Winter is coming! Alongside winter there are sinus infections, the flu, ear infections, colds, and strep! A simple support to build up a reliable defense against all this is an adequate zinc status.

The connection between zinc deficiency and susceptibility to bacterial infection is nothing new, but the exact mechanisms by which zinc provides protection has not been so clear. That was until Professor Christopher McDevitt of the University of Melbourne led a research study that uncovered the link between dietary zinc intake and protection against Streptococcus pneumoniae. The study was conducted in collaboration with the University of Queensland and the University of Adelaide in Australia. Insights into the relationship between zinc deficiency and immune system activities were discovered thanks to advanced imaging technology and a cross-disciplinary collaboration.

This study showed that zinc was used in the body to enhance the killing of invading bacteria! We could all use some of that!

Everyone should be getting zinc with their daily high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement. However, many lifestyle factors can demand additional need for zinc. Our doctors can test for zinc through blood as well as with a simple in office test called the zinc tally test. Consider supplementing based on your needs to offset the burden of these bugs!

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