I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! During the summer, ice cream is definitely a top pick for sweet treats. The month of July is even declared National Ice Cream Month (and for a good reason! Who doesn’t love ice cream after a day in the sun!?)

The only downfall about ice cream, is that it can be off-limits for those of us with food sensitivities or diet restrictions.

Even if you are able to enjoy it without hesitation, high amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients can be sneakily leave you feeling eaters’ remorse. When you consume too much sugar at one time, your body will quickly digest it. This can leave you feeling tired, irritable, and possibly even hungrier than before.

There are many friendly and healthy alternatives to standard ice cream that will satisfy your sweet tooth and make your gut happy. Some of our Functional Medicine team’s favorites include:

Frozen Kefir – Very similar to frozen yogurt, frozen kefir is made from cultured milk. Kefir contains tons of protein, vitamin D, and healthy probiotics, which can aid digestion and improve gut health. Kefir is slightly less sweet than standard ice cream but is just as creamy and thick.

Dairy-free Ice Creams – This is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to lactose or dairy. Many brands are adapting to these sensitivities and offer tons of fun flavors. Many substitutes include: almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, pea protein, and more! Next time you’re at an ice cream shop, ask about their dairy-free options!

If you suspect you might be sensitive or even allergic to dairy or lactose, we can help. Our Functional Medicine experts can recommend a food sensitivity test to get to the root cause of your concern.

Acai Bowls – Acai bowls are a fun and upgraded way to enjoy your favorite smoothie. Plus, eating it in a bowl makes it feel even more like ice cream. Originally from Brazil, these thick smoothie bowls are made from the fruit acai palm and are typically topped with more fruit and granola. Many cafes are starting to add these delicious bowls to their menus. You can also make your own at home in a blender!

Homemade Treats – It’s always fun to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. One of our favorite healthy alternatives is making “ice cream” out of bananas. All you have to do is freeze your desired amount of bananas, and then blend in a high-powered blender once frozen. It’s so easy and you can add in your own favorite toppings!

For toppings, you can add a handful of your favorite fresh berries, KitchFix grain-free granola, and try our recipe for Homemade Coconut Cream. This topping is dairy-free and delicious to go with any dessert!

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