In this short video Dr. Jason Rejano, DC, and Marty Evans, owner of Catalyst Golf Performance, share three easy steps to achieve proper posture when golfing to bolster performance and avoid injury when swinging.  



Hinge at the Hips  

When setting up your swing it’s important to have a deep bend in the hips and to set your pelvis back. This movement shifts the pressure from the lower back and into the hips, thus avoiding tension in the spine that leads to injury.  


Neutral Upper Back   

Keeping a neutral back is key, as it opens the upper and lower spine without putting pressure on either area. In your golf stance, the back should have little to no curve to achieve this neutral posture.  


Maintain Stacked Hips  

Gearing up for your golf swing, hips should be stacked over the knees and feet. Poor alignment in your posture can lead to harmful pressure on the body, especially in the lower back.  Over-bent knees or having the hips set too far forward can cause uneven weight distribution in the body. This then causes back pain and extra strain on these sensitive areas.  


Lower back stress is one of the most common issues faced by regular golfers. Fixing your golf posture is an easy way to begin relieving these extra tensions in the body and ease pain.   


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