After another bitter winter (and a delayed start to the summer weather), most of us are thrilled to embrace the warmth of the summer sun again. However, with more outside activities keeping us busier, summer fun distractions, and a change   in routine, summertime slumber can suffer.

Those cozy naps by the fireplace in winter don’t quite work in June, July, and August, making sleep routines more difficult to regulate.

There are some healthy food tips which can help make achieving a great summer sleep almost a “breeze”…



There are more food “don’ts” than “do’s” for a peaceful summer slumber, but the most important rule any time of the year is to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate.  During summer months try to drink most of your water in the day, not in the evening hours.  Cut back one to two hours before bedtime so your summer sleep isn’t interrupted by trips to the bathroom.


Herbal Tea

A cup of an herbal tea like chrysanthemum is an ideal way to not only lower your blood pressure, but studies have shown it’s a good way to begin relaxing and preparing for sleep.  Since it contains no caffeine, it can’t disrupt your ability to fall asleep.  In the heat of summer, it also lowers your body temperature.



It makes sense to add an extra pinch of salt to your summer diet to make up for the water loss from sweating. Salads, dark leafy greens, cucumbers and melons are ideal light healthy foods that won’t interfere with your sleep. Salmon and other lean fish won’t keep you up tossing and turning.



Did you know egg whites are a source of melatonin?  A breakfast for dinner switch a few times a week can be a natural way for your body to reap the sleeping benefits of melatonin.


Don’t Stew On It

Save the stews and rich foods for cooler month meals. High fat and sugar content may have a disturbing effect on your summer sleep cycle.  Most animals eat less food in hot weather and if you do too, your summer sleep schedule may be dreamy.


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